Stone Age Divas book

Take an astonishing look at human beginnings never before attempted. It challenges our basic assumptions about gender, religion, and our civilization.

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Stone Age Divas will open a door into an incredibly inspiring world. Reading this groundbreaking book, you will discover thousands of ways that women have played a far greater role in shaping civilization than has been credited to them..

This book is a culmination of research, travels, studies, and insights. We have learned that females were long considered not only super-human, mysterious, magical beings; but also divinities, and Goddesses.

Women have made an enormous impact on life on the planet. They are deified and remembered in song, story, legend, and statues since at least 30,000 BC.

We have always been, brilliant inventors, innovators, and leaders for hundred and thousands of years. We are the survivors of everything that came our way. Women passed on culture through the ages to our offspring.

Women are the creators of life! A woman can create life inside her own body, give birth to another human being, and make milk from her own breasts to feed her newborn life, and create the future generation.

Women formed an important pool of innovators as we constantly moved culture forward, often in long-forgotten ways.

What a history! What a gift to civilization! Women were the true mothers of invention!

If every girl in the world reads about the Goddesses found in this book, she will have a firm foundation of self-esteem and inspiration to make wise choices in her life. Since time immemorial, women have bonded together in sisterhood to fight for noble causes in nonviolent ways. Women have always been great benefactors of humanity.

Everywhere in the natural world, all life came through the female. Because of this awesome power, the creator was conceptualized as a woman, the 'Great Cosmic Mother' from whom all life and all bounty flowed!

Build your personal strength based on an unshakeable foundation of your early ancestors' accomplishments and contributions to all civilization.

Remember who you are, take back the magic, and know your incredible heritage. Be!!! You are the goddess we are waiting for, and your time is NOW!

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